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Discover Pressjitsu and find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact our expert support engineers.
Frequently asked questions
What makes Pressjitsu different from competitors?
Pressjitsu is a premium managed WordPress hosting service that really cares for you and your site's performance. What makes us different from other providers is that in addition to providing a superior-performance platform, we are also happy to do some hands-on optimization work on your sites. We’re truly here to make your sites faster, so you can focus on your business.
Is the WordPress speed optimization included with all plans?

Yes, the custom speed optimization of your sites is a service offered with all plans (the Fast plan includes the optimization only with an annual subscription). The service consists of up to 8 hours of optimization work (worth $999) one site, done by our support engineers. The total number of available services depends on your chosen plan. One site can be optimized several times, depending on your number of unused optimization services.

The WordPress speed optimization service is something that the vast majority of hosting providers don’t do but we put in the extra work because we really care for you and your sites. Learn more about our WordPress speed optimization service.

How do I migrate my sites to Pressjitsu?
If you like, you can migrate your sites to Pressjitsu yourself. Or if you wish, you can have our helpful customer support manage the migration of all your sites for free. If we don’t prove to be faster than your previous host we can migrate you back to your previous hosting provider with no extra cost.
Is Pressjitsu shared, VPS, cloud, or dedicated hosting?
We built Pressjitsu on the best that Amazon Web Services has to offer, which makes us a cloud hosting provider.
Do you make backups of my site?
Yes, Pressjitsu makes daily backups of all your sites, in case something should happen to your live site. If you run into any trouble, simply go to Dashboard > Backups and choose the backup that you would like to restore. In addition to daily automated backups, you can make on-demand backups at any time.
Do you provide users with email accounts?
At the moment, we don’t offer email accounts as part of our service. We recommend using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) that provides all the email functionality you might need. Additionally, there are a handful of SMTP plugins for WordPress that work with any external email provider.
Will you let me know if my site is down?
We will. Pressjitsu service and performance monitoring systems are on constant lookout for downtime and performance issues. Critical issues are immediately handled by us, while non-critical, code-related issues will be investigated and discussed with you.
Do I get a free SSL certificate from Pressjitsu?
Yes – all sites hosted with Pressjitsu automatically get a free SSL certificate. This is part of our policies for making your sites more secure.
Are there any WordPress plugins and themes that are not supported?
At the moment, we support all plugins and themes. We're in the process of evaluating various plugins and themes that might have an impact on site performance and stability. Should we find any problematic ones, we’ll be sure to notify you and provide you with assistance to find the best solution or alternative for you.
How do I transfer my files to Pressjitsu?
Transferring your files to Pressjitsu is simple. Either you can transfer the files yourself using SFTP or you can contact our expert support engineers and provide them with the necessary credentials so we can transfer the files for you.
How do I add a new site?
Adding a new site is quick and easy. First, you must log in to your Pressjitsu account. Then, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose Sites from the Pressjitsu Dashboard navigation menu on the left.
  2. Click New site.
  3. Add a Site name. This will be your dedicated website subdomain in the Pressjitsu domain. This name must be unique in the whole system but it will be visible only to you.
  4. Add a Domain name. This will be your dedicated website domain in the Pressjitsu infrastructure. This name must be unique in the whole system and it will be visible to everyone that visits your site.
  5. Click Add site and you’re all done. Further information about your site will reach you shortly via email from our support staff.

Should you still have any issues, please get in touch with our support team.
Can I get a dedicated IP address?
Yes – every Pressjitsu customer gets a dedicated IP address for both their live and staging servers along with direct SSH access to their server.
What payment methods do you support?
All our payments are handled by Stripe. Through their service, we accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro.
What if I already have a contract with a CDN provider?
We have built Pressjitsu to be the fastest possible managed WordPress hosting solution out there. To achieve this, we have built it with CloudFront CDN embedded to our infrastructure, which means it cannot be turned off. There's no reason to worry, though – your sites will still work well and achieve great speeds.
If you have any questions about a multi-CDN setup, feel free to get in touch with our support engineers.
What pricing plans do you have?

We offer three standard pricing plans:

  • Fast – 1 WordPress install, $99/mo.
  • Faster – 2 WordPress installs, $499/mo.
  • Fastest – 3 WordPress installs, $999/mo.

Each plan comes with the same set of premium features and there are differences in performance, monthly visits, storage, bandwidth, backup retention, and the number of WordPress services that are included in the plan. Additional WordPress installations can be bought for a price that depends on your subscription.

If you’d like to find out more about our plans, please visit the Pricing page or have a chat with our support team.

What if I can’t find a pricing plan that fits my needs?
At Pressjitsu, we are constantly working to meet your needs. If none of our three standard pricing plans seems like the perfect fit for your needs, simply contact our customer support and let them know what your sites need. Our sales team will get back to you within 1-2 business days with an offer for a custom plan.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?
Yes – you can do so under Billing on your Dashboard. Click on the subscription that you would like to upgrade and a button labeled Upgrade will appear in the Current usage section.
What if I exceed the limits of my subscription plan?
All of our pricing plans have certain limits. However, these are not enforced too strictly. At Pressjitsu, we understand that your resource use might vary, so we won't charge for overage. But if the overage occurs for 3 consecutive months, you'll have to upgrade your plan.
Do you support WordPress Multisite?
Absolutely. In fact we'll encourage you to join several projects into one account under a WordPress Multisite and help you migrate over.
How many WordPress installs can I have on one account?
This depends on but is not limited to the plan that you choose. By default, our plans include as many WordPress installs as follows:

  • Fast – 1 WordPress install,
  • Faster – 2 WordPress installs,
  • Fastest – 3 WordPress installs.

However, if you have added the number of sites that are already included in your plan, you can still add any number of extra sites for an additional cost that depends on your plan. Computing resources for the new sites are still allocated according to your chosen plan: the storage, bandwidth, and monthly visits are shared among all the sites that you have under one subscription. If your extra sites need more resources than included in your plan, you can either get an additional subscription and divide your sites under several subscriptions, or you can contact our support engineers so we can create a custom plan that fits your needs.

Which charities do you support?
We believe in contributing to a better future so we donate 3% of all our revenue to charity. Currently, we support causes that fight for the environment and the right to privacy. In order to help build a better future for everyone, we give 1% of our revenue to Greenpeace, 1% for the Planet, and Privacy International.
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