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We will make your sites faster

Last updated on Jan 12th, 2021

All our plans include a number of free WordPress speed optimizations, done by our expert support engineers.

A slow site means fewer conversions – even a delay of 0.1 seconds in page load time can decrease conversions by as much as 7%.

With Pressjitsu, you can benefit from having a site with clean code, ready to handle peak traffic.

We’re confident in our promise of faster speeds

We built Pressjitsu to be the fastest

With Pressjitsu, you’ll start seeing an improvement in your load times as soon as your migration is completed – even before we optimize your sites.

This is because our platform is carefully built on the most premium services like Amazon Web Services and CloudFront CDN. These provide the necessary backbone for ultimate performance, air-tight security, and superior speed.

We’ll speed up your WordPress

We really care for you and your sites. Unlike most other service providers, we don’t only give recommendations but our team of WordPress engineers will do the work.

In addition to providing a superior infrastructure, we will help clean up your code and make your page ready for peak traffic. We tailor our speed optimization service to each of your sites to make them as fast as possible.

Join us and wait no more

To join Pressjitsu, you only need to sign up – you can leave the rest to us.

Just contact us through live chat to get a free premium managed migration to our hosting and a WordPress speed optimization for your site.

It only takes a live chat conversation to speed up your site

  1. Contact our support team and share your site details.
  1. We audit your site and compile a task list.
  1. We have a call with you to decide which tasks we’ll complete.
  1. Enjoy the benefits of having a faster site.

This is how it works in most cases. But depending on the specifics of your site, there might be a bit more back-and-forth during the process.

Speed matters

Faster load times lead to a more enjoyable experience for your visitors. This means they are more likely to make a purchase and come back and recommend your site to others.

Thanks to a faster WordPress site, you can improve conversion rates and let your business grow.

Your visitors deserve a better web browsing experience

Get a free managed migration to Pressjitsu and speed up your sites.

Faster speeds are not the only benefit you’ll get with Pressjitsu.